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We have worked in more than 20 countries and with major international entities to help companies and governments achieve their strategic goals.

In the last ten years, we have managed projects on every continent, from strategic organization of the supply chain to operational design of warehouses. We work in French, English & Spanish for private companies acting locally or globally.

Example of Port Master Plans and Operations Projects

Market study & traffic forecast for OPEX and CAPEX of a deep-sea terminal project

Study for reengineering of port dues in all ports of the Kingdom of Morocco

Feasibility study on the extension of the port of Radès (under World Bank supervision)

Benchmark of potential call ports for Mauritian sugar industry 

Example of Airport Projects

Due diligence for a handler wishing to enter North African market

PMO for transition period following handler licenses call for tender

Technical assistance on handler licenses call for tender

Strategic study for Ministry of Transport to develop air cargo in Morocco

Strategic study for Ministry of Transport to develop air cargo in RDC

Examples of Transportation Optimization and Organization Missions

Strategic study for Ministry of Transport in order to develop International Road Transport

Study for the reconstruction of a railway from mining sites to Conakry port

Assistance for the winning bid on electric car sharing service in greater Paris area.

Northern African market study for a worldwide known fret forwarder

Preparation of logistic development strategy of the country under Wolrd Bank supervision

Specifications to acquire trucks and trailers for semi-private company 

Examples of Warehouse Management Missions

Feasibility study for a logistics services platform in Mayotte and Comores

Study of SCM investment key elements for a major European defense actor

Warehouse price costing modeling for a painting firm

Warehouse organization and implementation of a WMS for a mauritian agribusiness firm

Modeling of Opex of a port warehouse in Casablanca

Support of the national association for writing its model of logistic services specifications

Project of logistics platform network, from market study, to business plan & layouts

Studies on costs, resources, and organization of numerous warehouses for hedge funds

Supply Chain reengineering for fruits & vegetables wholesaler in Perpignan Euro-Market

Pricing, resources, and organization modeling for Colis-Poste warehouses (French Post)

Due diligence, Data Rooms and logistics audits related to LBO/MBOs 

Distribution strategy implementation for a Spanish agro-industry

Examples of Foreign Trade Zones and Free Ports Projects

Assistance for creation of Port Ehoala (Feasibility, Financing, Master Plan, Subsidies)

Audits & assistance on development of activities of the Free Port of Port Louis

Project of creation of a foreign trade zone in Dégrad des Cannes, French Guyana

Benchmark of zona franca de Manaus

Strategy and competitive plan for the Free Port of Port Louis

Examples of mining assistance  on transportation and railroad projects

Model of externalities calculation for mining and railroad projects

Pipeline project feasability study

Value added services study for a major train station in India

Opex and Capex of a rail road in Congo

Opex and Capex of a pivate port project

Assistance for major mining company on negociation with OHADA country

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